What is the Difference Between Graduate CV Writing and Executive CV Writing

29 May, 2024


Your CV is your first impression on potential employers and every job seeker wants their first job attempt to win a job for them. But it is not as simple as they think. Okay, so the difference between a graduate CV and an executive CV is clear these are the opposite. This in-depth research about graduate CV writing and executive CV writing will help you to understand the major differences between both.

Graduate CV Writing:

A graduate CV is created for individuals who are entering the workforce for the first time or transitioning from academia to their first job. In Ireland, approximately 40,000 students graduate from higher education institutions each year. It typically emphasizes academic achievements, internships, part-time jobs, volunteer work, and relevant coursework. Graduate CVs are often shorter, as recent graduates may have limited professional experience and achievements.

For example, a recent graduate from Trinity College Dublin might emphasize their first-class honors degree, an internship at a Dublin-based tech company, and leadership roles in university clubs. To see the digital samples of graduate CVs you can visit here graduate CV writing service Ireland.

Executive CV Writing:

On the other hand, an executive CV is designed for experienced professionals at a senior management level or above. It highlights important career accomplishments, leadership experience, strategic achievements, and executive-level responsibilities. Executive CVs focus on demonstrating proven leadership abilities, strategic thinking, problem-solving skills, and tangible achievements. They may be more detailed and include a career summary, detailed job descriptions, and industry recognition. And the size of an executive CV will be lengthy as per the quantity of experience.


For example, an executive from a multinational company in Cork might highlight their role in increasing sales by 30%, leading a team of 50, and implementing successful business strategies. Check out some digital executive CV templates here executive CV writing services Ireland.


Hope you find the major difference between a graduate CV and an executive CV. For more in-depth knowledge we have some other points to describe it more comprehensively.


Key Differences Between Graduate and Executive CV Writing:

  • Target Audience and Experience: Graduate CVs target recent graduates who just passed out from college with minimal professional experience, while executive CVs target seasoned professionals at a senior management level or above.

  • Skills and Achievements: Graduate CVs emphasize potential and transferrable skills, while executive CVs focus on proven leadership abilities, experiences, and achievements.

  • Format and Length: Graduate CVs are often shorter with personal details and recently owned skills, while executive CVs may be more lengthy with comprehensive details including a professional career summary and detailed job descriptions.


Considerations for CV Writers

When writing a CV, it’s important to approach your target audience. Here are some tips for CV writers in Ireland:

  • Graduate CVs: Focus on academic achievements, relevant internships, and transferrable skills. Use clear and concise language.

  • Executive CVs: Emphasize leadership experience, strategic achievements, and measurable results. Provide detailed descriptions and industry-specific keywords.


Understanding the differences between graduate and executive CV writing is essential to present yourself with a perfect job opportunity. Whether you’re a recent graduate or a seasoned executive in Ireland, tailoring your CV to your career stage can help you to reach your relevant employers in Ireland.

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