What are the differences between a self-written CV and professionals written CV?

24 March, 2024


Understanding the differences between a CV you create yourself and one crafted by a professional is crucial for your job search journey. A self-written CV gives you the freedom to add a personal touch and is budget-friendly. On the flip side, a professionally written CV comes with expert insights and adheres to industry standards. An expert CV writer always optimizes your CV in better form to increase the chances of job interviews and calls. 

There are some advantages and some disadvantages of self-writing & professional written CV.


Pros and Cons of a Self-Written CV



Personalization: You have the freedom to tailor the content to highlight your unique skills, experiences, and accomplishments.


Cost-Effective: Creating your CV is a budget-friendly option compared to hiring a professional service.


Immediate Control: You can update and modify your CV promptly without relying on external services.


Reflects Your Voice: A self-written CV allows you to infuse your personality into the document, giving it a more authentic feel.




Limited Expertise: Lacks the expertise of a professional CV writer who understands industry standards and employer expectations.


Potential Mistakes: Increased risk of grammatical errors, formatting issues, or content choices that may hinder your chances.


Time-Consuming: Crafting an effective CV demands time and effort, especially if you are not familiar with the latest trends and best practices.


Subjectivity: It may be challenging to maintain objectivity about your achievements, potentially underplaying or overemphasizing certain aspects.


Lack of Professional Formatting: Self-written CVs may lack the professional formatting crucial for making a positive first impression. Inconsistent fonts, spacing, and alignment can detract from the document's overall impact.


Inconsistencies in Tone and Language: Maintaining a consistent tone and language throughout the CV is often challenging. Inconsistencies can undermine the professional image the CV seeks to convey.


Not adapted to ATS requirements: A self-written CV may not align with ATS (Applicant Tracking System) requirements, potentially diminishing its effectiveness in automated screening processes used by employers.


Understanding these pros and cons can help you make an informed decision on whether to write your CV independently or seek professional assistance.



Pros & Cons of Professionally Written CV



Industry-Expertise: Leverage the industry expertise of skilled writers who understand industry intricacies, ensuring your CV meets high-quality standards.


Personalized Touch: Nowadays, it is easy to talk to your CV writer online or chat with them, so via talking with the cv writer you able to make your cv personalized.


Time-Efficiency: Save valuable time as professionals efficiently highlight your strengths, experiences, and skills, expediting the job application process.


Optimized Content: Enjoy a CV meticulously optimized for ATS (Applicant Tracking System) requirements, significantly enhancing your chances of passing automated screenings.


Objective Perspective: Benefit from professionals providing an objective viewpoint, presenting your achievements in the best possible light without personal bias.


Keywords Optimized: A professional CV writer places the potential keywords relevant to your industry in the CV to enhance the online visibility and interview calls.


Increased Visibility: Professionally written CVs often enhance your online visibility, making you more discoverable to recruiters and hiring managers.


Tailored to Job Descriptions: Professionals align your CV with specific job descriptions, ensuring it resonates with employers' expectations and requirements.


Higher Interview Calls: A well-crafted CV increases the likelihood of receiving interview calls, translating the investment into potential career opportunities.




Cost: Professional services come with various costs, some are highly expensive and some cv writing services are affordable, so it depends on the requirements.


Dependency: Relying on professionals means you may need their services for updates or modifications, potentially causing delays.


Potential Misalignment: Despite expertise, miscommunication may lead to a CV that doesn't perfectly align with your career goals or preferences.


Understanding these pros and cons can guide your decision on whether to opt for a professionally written CV, balancing the investment with the potential benefits for your job search.




In essence, understanding the distinctions between a self-written CV and a professionally crafted one is pivotal for anyone navigating the competitive job landscape. A self-written CV might seem like a cost-effective solution, but it often falls short of capturing the nuances essential for making a lasting impression.


Opting for Professional CV Writing Services in Ireland can be beneficial for job seekers. A professionally written CV extends beyond mere document creation, encompassing a meticulous blend of expertise, industry-specific knowledge, and personalized attention, committed to ensuring your CV not only meets but surpasses industry standards, and also plays a crucial role in amplifying your job application strategy. Investing in CV writing services in Ireland means unlocking a world of opportunities where your unique strengths and aspirations are skillfully articulated. A professionally written CV can make your job search quick and land you to dream job soon.

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